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Which gear do you use with your DUO?


In our video, we show the DUO hooked up to a Boss DS-1 distortion pedal and a Korg Volca Sample for beats. Behind the scenes, we love jamming with the DUO with a little bit of delay (a Korg Monotron Delay or an Ibanez Echo Shifter) and any drum computer we can find to add some rhythm.

Which gear do you like to use along with your DUO? How do you hook it up, and what sort of sounds come out?


funny you should ask! I first heard about the KORG VOLCA from your kickstarter page. after getting the DUO, I quickly realized (thanks to the RANDOM button) that having a drum machine to lock in the 1 would be helpful. Enter VOLCA BEATS :sunglasses:

Since then, I’ve added VOLCA BASS and more will follow… starting to think about effects. a little reverb would be nice. Thinking about Electro-Harmonix EPITOME because multi-effects means fewer cables and I’ve already got a lot happening


That EPITOME looks really nice – there are lots of great options for multi-effects and/or reverbs. I tend to bring along a small Zoom MS 70-CDR chorus/reverb when I need a little reverb. I’ve also seen artists pair the DUO with Boss loopers and multi-fx pedalboards (the ones with the multiple foot switches).


A couple weeks ago I started using my DUO along with two Pocket Operators - PO-12 and PO-14 - which has been a lot of fun.

Last week I came across a steal of a deal on a used Korg MS20 Mini analog synth and got it. So far I’ve connected the Korg into the DUO and have had an awesome time playing the DUO while tweaking the sounds using the Korg…

I’m curious if it is also possible to go the other way with the configuration and route the Korg into the DUO? The Korg has a standard midi IN but USB-Midi and CV OUT’s:

_Signal In: Amplifier Out, _
_ Band pass filter Out, _
_ CV Out (0 - +8.4V), _
_ ENV Out (0 - +5V), _
_ Trig Out (+5V–>GND), _

_Signal out: Signal output (mono 1/8" mini phone jack, 2Vp-p output impedance 3.5k Ω) _

_Head phones: Head phones output (Stereo 1/8" mini phone jack, 33 Ω 48mW), _

_USB: Type B, USB-MIDI Input/Output _
_*Only note messages (velocity is not used) can be transmitted and received. _

_MIDI: MIDI Input _
*Only note messages (velocity is not used) can be transmitted and received.

Can anyone tell me if / how I could connect my Korg going into the DUO so that I could play notes on the Korg into the DUO’s sequencer?

Also with my current configuration it seems that certain functions will work like shifting up/down octaves, increasing/decreasing length and speed, but others like Wave / Frequency / Release, Crush, etc. don’t do anything when I have the two devices connected… anything I can do to fix this or is this normal?

Many thanks!



I began to use it with a guitar pedal chain: Boss distortion - Boss delay- boss Loop rc3…

and i tried to sync to softwares like ableton live ( it’s only work like slave mode - Duo like the master tempo, but the tempo it’s not very stable, it’s increase some mseg before to fixed)

I have a very good syncro with Native Instruments Traktor (traktor master tempo and Duo like the slave) and i loved this!

i post a little video in my instagram today @diyeipituto

greetings from Namur-BE


Happy Holidays. Got my kids the Duo from Santa. I cannot figure out how to hook my guitar pedals to it. Can someone explain?



Nevermind. Got it figured out, I just have to line out going to the pedal and then the pedal into a powered speaker. I was trying to get the pedal hooked up to use the internal speaker.

Good stuff.


Exactly, that is how it works. It’s not possible to use the internal speaker with external sources.


I missed your post earlier. The MS20 mini is a great instrument in itself but not a suitable MIDI keyboard. It has no MIDI out, so you can’t use it to enter notes into the DUO’s sequencer. The other way around does work: using the DUO’s sequencer to play notes on the MS20.

With some creative patching you should be able to clock the DUO’s sync input from the MS20’s modulation generator.